Meet Patrick, our Author Living in Taiwan

Name: Patrick Pavlik

Current Address: Taoyuan, Taiwan

Home Country: USA

Countries he has traveled to :

Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Bahamas, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, Wales, Italy, China, Taiwan, Japan, Cambodia, Loas, Vietnam, Philippines and soon Malaysia.

Favorite destination thus far: Puglia, Italy.


Tip: Get out of the tourist factories in Milan, Rome, Florence, and Venice. Do as the locals do for their holiday and make your way to the Deep South. Cheaper, better and beautiful landscapes, great unique local cuisine, much deeper local traditions and culture can be found and you have the beautiful sea close to everywhere you go. Additional tip: don’t eat anything that has a menu in English. (This goes for everywhere)

Favorite airline- Cathay Pacific. Most leg room, best service, and you can ask for soup and noodles.. which they give to you for FREE!

I love to adventuring into the unknown and witnessing something I have never been accustom to. I am always on the go, I hate wasting time. However, I always take a day to relax, chill and party with some new friends.

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