OMG, WTF are They Saying? I Thought Australians Spoke English!?

In less than 24 hours this vid has received over 1,520,000  views and there’s a reason for it. Anyone who has been to Australia has probably found themselves completely lost in the language. A couple of key phrases like “G’day” and “No Worries” are pretty easy to master, but you may have found yourself lost and bewildered with questions like, What is a servo? Do I want avo on my burger? Did he just call a liquor store a bottle-o? Yes, yes he did.

Australians abbreviate everything. If you’re  having a convo with them, they’re most likely going to slow things down for you. If you’re unfortunate enough to walk in mid conversation (with a bunch of Aussies speaking to one another)  you’re probably not going to make it past the first sentence without scratching your head. Here’s the best video I’ve seen come out of “Straya,” from Josh Hawkins (awesome last name BTW!) @hijosh. Watch out for new videos on his website at 

Incase that was a bit fast for you here’s a written guide:

Australia= Straya, Football= Footy,Tennis Ball= Tenno, Biscuit= BIccy, Chocolate= Choccy, Chocolate Biscuit= Choccy BIccy, McDonalds=Maccas, Laptop=Lappy, ACDC=Acadaca, Devestated=Devo, Definitely=Defo, Morning Tea=Mornos, Afternoon=Arvo, This Afternoon=S’arvo, Dinner=DIn-Dins,  Breakfast=Brekky, Service Station (Gas Station)=Servo, Petrol=Petty, Bottle Shop (Liquor Store)=Bottle-o, Tomorrow=Tomorra, Bowling Club=Bowlo, Garbage Man=Garbo, Postman=Postie, R.S.L (Returned and Services League of Australia) (Like a legion for veterans )=Rissol/ Arrie, Smoke Break=Smoko, Registration (for your car)=Reggo, Aggressive=Aggro, Pregnant=Preggas, Woolongong (A seaside city in New South Wales)=The Gong, Swimming Costume (swimsuit/ bathing suit)=Cozzie, Mosquito=Mozzy, Tracksuit Pants=Trackie Dacks, Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday= Mondy/Choosedee/Wensdee/Thursdee/Fry-dee/Sat-dee/Sundee, Birthday=Birthdee, Musician=Muso, U-Turn=Uey, From Out West=Westie, Facebook=Facey, Vegetarian=Veggo, Cab Driver= Cabbie, Lipstick= Lippy, Sunglasses=Sunnies, Pressent=Prezzie, Christmas=Chrissy, Christmas Present=Chrissy Prezzie, St. Vincient De Pauls= Vinnies, Salvation Army= Salvos, Cup of Tea= Cuppa, Avocado=Avo, Have an Avocado=Avanavo, Spaghetti Bolognese= Spag Bog/Spag Bol, Underpants=Undies, Beverage=Bevvy, Chewing Gum=Chewy, Toasted Sandwich=Toastie, Methylated Spirits (Ethanol or household cleaner)= Metho, Turpentine=Turps, Fellow=Fella, Poverty Stricken Person=Povvo, Husband=Hubby, Give Me=Gimmie, Trying to=Tryna, Hectic=Heckers, Cigarette=Ciggie, Tin Can of Beer=Tinny, Schnitzel=Schnitty, Ambulance=Ambo, Fireman=Firey, Cop=Coppa, Brick Layer=Brickie, Tradesman=Tradie, Umbrella=Brolly, Sick Day=Sickie, Kangaroo=Roo, Champagne=Champers, Relatives=Relos, Expensive=Exxy, Brisbaine=Brissy, Derelict=Dero (like a redneck), Cabernet- Savignon=Cab-Sav, Kindergarten=Kindy

Thanks for the lesson, mates!

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